Film / Video Samples

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Motion Picture Promo

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I had a concept for a fun, different kind of documentary about the history of the Corvette. GM-authorized the project, and I created a full-length documentary that tied the Corvette into pop culture over the past 50 years. This is the opening segment from the doc.

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Viral Video

Movie Karaoke is a product that allows you to ‘revoice’ scenes from hit movies. It runs on a computer by playing a scene, the player speaks the part into a microphone (hence the karaoke), the computer records the performance, does its best to sync the scene and player dialog, then plays it all back. Hilarity ensues.

The Movie Karaoke folks wanted a video that a) be fun, hip and cool, b) make the product seem sexy, and c) have the potential to go viral… all for peanuts. I created the concept, wrote, directed, and provided all post, include music and sound editing. Our star was Noelle Reno, who was a real trouper. I think we nailed it, especially when you understand how little all this cost. (The following video is in the new HTML5/H.264 embedded video format and may not play in your browser.)

Movie Karaoke ‘How-To’ Video

In addition to the promo video, Movie Karaoke wanted a ‘how-to’ video to show players how the game worked. I produced this for them as well, unfortunately only the low-res version survives.

Original Projects

Gilda Radner was a gift from the Gods. I was privileged to have to opportunity to work with her on what would have been a ground-breaking special for HBO. Her concept was a bit ahead of its time – she wanted to film a live event and combine it with random bits, something that is quite common today.

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This clip is from the footage we shot at UC Irvine, CA, during a short tour Gilda did for her book.


I think it’s a brilliant piece, as good as anything on the web, by writer/director Bob Rice and producer Christopher Harrington. I provided all post production.

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This one is very old, but I include it here because it was so much fun to make. My sister, Teresa Laughlin, had her own clothing line in NYC, and was going to have her first show as part of Fashion Week. I flew back to make this video for her. My toolbox was the new Sony VX-1000 DV camera – a revolution in picture quality at that time. I shot everything I could, came back to LA, and put this together on my Avid.

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