Website Samples

If it’s digital, we produce it. Here is a small sampling of some of the websites we’ve created. If you need a clean, fast, efficient website, please contact us for more information.

Billy Jack DVD Closeout

The Ultimate Billy Jack Collection DVD website was created to move the remaining inventory on hand when Ventura Distribution, the producer and distributor of the DVDs, went out of business.

The website includes video clips from each of the films, and online ordering of product through PayPal.

This site was designed and produced quickly and efficiently to take advantage of the holiday season. Digitonium produced all the content.

Classic Tub Repair and Classic Coatings website thumbnail

Billy Jack Rights, LLC.

The smash hit 1970’s film, ‘Billy Jack’, and its kin needed a new home when the folks at Billy Jack Rights recovered ownership of the films from their home of the last 30+ years at Warner Brothers. We built a simple site that allowed some marketing to get moving quickly, including a daily picture/blog posting of never-seen-before images from the Laughlin family archives. We also integrated the blog with an email campaign that sends a weekly email summarizing the photos from the past week.

The site is built upon a WordPress system.

Billy Jack Rights LLC website thumnail

Classic Tub Repair website

Classic Tub Repair and its sister company Classic Coatings do amazing things in making sinks, tubs, appliances, and concrete floors look better than new. (The kitchen before and after pictures are worth the trip.)

The challenge was to build two websites (the sink, tub, appliance business is different than the concrete floors), but keep them all under one roof.

We also built the site to be very search engine friendly, and with no additional work, the number of visitors to the site is growing every day.

Classic Tub Repair and Classic Coatings website thumbnail

Finale Tally is a site created in response to the hubbub surrounding the finale to the HBO Sopranos series. It features live news feeds (updated every 30 minutes from Yahoo and Google), video culled from YouTube, online polling, and links to an endless array of Sopranos products and information.

ms. interview website image

Ms. Interview website

Diedre Dale is one of the leading placement specialists in the Executive Assistant market. She hired Digitonium to produce an instructional DVD of the same program she puts her own candidates through, the same program that places a higher percentage than any other company in her sector, hence the nickname.

Digitonium also built her website and hooked her up with CustomFlix for On-Demand DVD production and fulfillment.

ms. interview website image

Corvette DVD website

The Fastest 50 Years is THE ultimate documentary on the history and development of the Corvette. It is a 2-disc box set that covers every year of the car and the culture it raced through. Digitonium produced the show for Motor Works Media LLC., and also built this direct-sales website.

Unfortunately, the product is out of print and there are no more copies available, but the website still shows how much fun the product was.

corvette DVD website image

Tiny TV Studios website

Tiny TV Studios is creating some of the most unique, mass market video entertainment programming for the mobile video market — cell phones, video iPods, laptops, etc.

Digitonium has partnered with Tiny TV Studios to produce some of their original content, and produce this temporary website.

Tiny TV Studios Website